Maria Antônia Dress, hand crafted Renaissance lace with pearls

$144.97 USD

$144.97 USD


Perfect dress, hand-crafted down to the last detail, with the precious Renaissance Lace. pure cotton and linen, flower broderie and very delicate pearls. 

Size: One size only

Our Christening gown fits babies from 4 months until the baby is already walking (around 1 year old). You can realize that babies´ dresses has almost the same measure, except for the length 

If you need an special size (smaller or bigger), we are able to make it specially for your baby

- Measure:

Length: 47cm.

Chest: 48cm.


P.S: Because it is handmade, it may have some difference in the lace design or size.


Learn more about the Renaissance Lace 

The Renaissance Lace is a really special lace, 100% handcrafted, with cotton. Most are made by old ladies (younger generations are not interested in learning this beautiful art) in the northeast of Brazil, what makes it even more rare and special, It takes a long time to be made, from weeks to a whole year! 


This style of Lace has its origin in Europe in the XVI century, that´s why is called "Renaissance". 

Each piece is unique and exclusive, made with a lot a love.


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