Hi! See how simple it is to buy on our website:

          1- Choose the items you want to buy.
          2-Click on the "Add to cart" or "Buy" button. The product will be added to the cart and you can continue shopping if you wish.
          3-Continue adding other products to the cart or click on "Checkout".
          4-Complete with your contact details. Click "Continue".
          5-Enter the address you want to receive the product from. Click "Continue".
          6-Select the shipping method and click "Continue".

  •  Shipments are made from the Post Office.

          7-Choose your payment method.

  • Choose your payment method and click "Continue".
  • The values ​​already include taxes and fees

          8-Finally, in the Purchase Confirmation, review the entire order, including your details. Click "Continue".
          9-You will be directed to another screen to complete the data on the chosen form of payment. After confirming the purchase you will receive an email from Bless              my Baby, this will not be a proof of payment.
         10-The freight is calculated according to the post office table.
         11-The deadline is also according to the post office, plus the time for preparing the shipment, which varies from 2 to 4 working days.
         12-After payment confirmation, we will send your order.
         13-Rest assured (o), we will contact you to get your baby's information, such as size, details, little foot, date of the christening, baby's name, in short, all the                     necessary information so that everything is perfect for this very special celebration.